We do Everything with all our Hearts

That simple sentence means a lot to my colleagues and our entire international travel company.  Our travelers love what they do because it comes from the heart, we love to be able to set them up on location to have more reasons to love the next assignment than they did their last. We love the whole process of finding new adventures and because of that, we pour our hearts into it!

The second week of February marks an important time for us, it is Cardiovascular Professionals Week. As a Nurse owned healthcare travel agency, we realize the importance of having spectacular candidates who have focused the majority of their lengthy training on the cardiovascular side of things so, we partnered with two of the staffing industry’s top professionals in the recruiting marketplace and launched our highly specialized Cath Lab Division with our very own Eric Scheid and Sarah Newham who were both previous top sales executives from prior agencies. Eric and Sarah’s team will focus on Cath Lab RN’s and Techs, EP RN’s and Techs to IR RN’s and Techs specifically with some additional radiology needs to be sprinkled here and there. Things have jumped off to a fantastic and quick start with these two already securing one of the largest hospital systems in the southern united states, as well as quite a few brand new direct contracts along with a few solid rock stars who have already signed on the dotted line to become a part of our top ten, traveler ranked Ventura family


There are rising needs across the globe for Cardiovascular professionals and as the only travel nurse staffing agency based in the US with international contract offerings, we are not only rising to the occasion to meet these needs, we are specifically targeting them and assisting facilities, communities, partners and most importantly patients in beating the odds and running more efficiently!  

Our family of travelers is second to none. We wouldn’t be where we are currently without each and every one of them. We promise to never make this about money. To us, the healthcare industry is far more important than a nice paycheck. Our motto is people over profit. We offer our services to facilities across the globe, to men, women, and children in need. Regardless of the amount of money in their pockets because at the end of the day, none of that matters, what matters most, is: 

We do everything with all our hearts.

For information on how you can be a part of something one of a kind and remove borders from your cardiovascular healthcare journey, contact:

Eric Scheid

Director of Recruiting l Cath Lab 





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