Where Will You Go?

International Opportunities with Ventura Medstaff

Ventura’s international experiences will allow you to experience different cultures, adventures and open up your world!

Traveling is empowering and life-changing. From L.A. to London, we want to help you expand your horizons, seek new adventures and experience new cultures. We currently have life-changing adventures in Australia, Saudi Arabia and the United Kingdom.

To ensure we have the required history, experience and relationship with a traveler, and to complete international compliance requirements, our international candidates complete 2 travel nursing assignments in the USA with Ventura prior to going International. This also allows us to support you through the entire on-boarding process of international travel, as well as ensuring that we provide the highest quality candidates to our international partners.

Australian Dreamin’!

Drive the Great Ocean Road, explore the graffiti alleys of Melbourne,
have a BBQ on Ninety Mile Beach and see the iconic Sydney Opera House up close.

We are looking for Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists & Speech Therapists to travel to Australia.
Our Australian offers a golden, warm climate, including Christmas on the beach, rural and urban
locations throughout Auz, great wages, a lower cost of living than the USA, and a chance
to develop a new community on the other side of the world.
You may never want to come back!

If you are interested, email your resume
to rjaipaul@venturamedstaff.com today!

Saudi Arabia Adventure

Golden Sands, Exceptional Architecture and a Truly Incredible Location.

Our Arabian adventure offers you safe and enjoyable living conditions, a diverse expat community, modern hospitals,
warm climates and excellent benefits, including tax-free income, contract signing bonuses,
free medical care and up to 54 days of vacation per year.

If you are interested, email your resume
to rjaipaul@venturamedstaff.com today!

The United Kingdom

Land of Royalty, Gateway to Europe and a Nurses Paradise.

Our United Kingdom adventure offers you an opportunity to work in England, Scotland or Wales.
The UK has over 30 UNESCO world heritage sites, picturesque countryside, stunning architecture and landscapes,
and of course, unlimited tea to drink.  A great jumping off point to explore Europe,
free medical care, 35 days of vacation per year and a choice of 1, 2 and 3 year assignments.

If you are interested, email your resume
to rjaipaul@venturamedstaff.com today!

Calling all Canadian Nurses!

Come Explore & Work in all 50 States the USA.

Have you ever wanted to take your nursing skills on the road, while travelling to your neighbours to the South? With Ventura Medstaff, now you can! Travel with us on 13 week assignments in any of the 50 states; from seeing the Space Needle in Seattle to gazing at the Statue of Liberty in New York to lounging on the beach in Florida, we have a job that is right for you. Full support every step of the way.

If you are interested, email your resume
to rjaipaul@venturamedstaff.com today!