Ventura MedStaff Selected as one of the Best Travel Nursing Companies of 2024

(Omaha, Neb., July 11, 2024) – Ventura MedStaff announced today that they have been selected for the second straight year as one of the best travel nursing companies by BluePipes, a healthcare career marketplace and networking platform.


With an aggregate average score of 95.11 based on 247 reviews, Ventura MedStaff was selected as number 19 for BluePipes’ Best Travel Nursing Companies 2024 list. The article highlights Ventura MedStaff as one of the highest scoring companies with more than 200 reviews. These reviews showcase their honest and straightforward recruiters, as well as their exceptional onboarding and payroll teams.


BluePipes annually releases a list of the best travel nursing companies to work with by creating an aggregate average score for companies based on five different review websites – Google, Facebook, Indeed, Glassdoor, and Travel Nursing Central. This year they evaluated over 450 travel nursing agencies across the country and went through over 195,000 different reviews to select the top 20 travel nursing agencies.


On top of that, all agencies selected must also meet the minimum requirements of 50 total reviews across all platforms, 15 new reviews from healthcare professionals in the last year, and zero fake reviews.


“Being recognized by BluePipes for a third time as one of the best travel nursing companies is an incredible honor,” said Jeff Shaffar, CEO of Ventura MedStaff. “This list reflects our continued dedication to positively changing lives and impacting patient care. We are committed to being a trusted partner for travel nurses, and all travel healthcare professionals across the country.”


Ventura MedStaff has been featured on BluePipes’ list three times overall, previously in 2020 and again in 2023.


About Ventura MedStaff®

Ventura MedStaff is an Omaha, Nebraska-based, veteran-owned healthcare staffing agency that helps traveling medical professionals expand their career and find their next adventure while fulfilling the needs of medical facilities across the country. Guided by our belief that people are our greatest asset, we focus on building personal relationships and respecting and caring for everyone we serve. Our people-centered approach allows us to realize our mission of positively changing people’s lives and impacting patient care. With our network of facility partnerships, we offer jobs in all 50 states in the fields of nursing, allied health, and therapy. To learn more about us, visit or call 402-509-5532.

About BluePipes

BluePipes is a healthcare career marketplace and networking platform. Their mission is to make healthcare career management and employee onboarding seamless. They provide healthcare professionals with a universal profile builder, résumé builder, credential management, pay calculator, job search tools and more. BluePipes provides employers with automated job importing designed specifically for healthcare jobs, high-quality job applicants, sourcing tools, networking tools, and more.


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Ventura MedStaff

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