life is all about a balance

Work. Life. Adventure.

Are you ready to take your wicked professional skills on the road? We help hospitals fill their staffing needs by finding amazing travelers like yourself! This ensures that patients in our hospitals receive the best quality care possible. Check our open positions throughout the country.

We see our travelers as part of our Ventura Family, and believe that genuine, honest relationships form the core of our work. We build friendships everyday and love sending our travelers on adventures around the country.


Our mission

To provide quality healthcare staffing with the highest standards of performance and integrity; while maintaining a diverse culture that promotes success and happiness for employees, travelers and business partners.


We feel lucky to work in a business that brings an innate and a deep sense of purpose to our everyday. Simply put, this is a people-centric business to which we bring sincere interest, presence, and care rather than status or hierarchy.

People are our greatest asset. Our reputation is only as good as our people. A people-centric organization like ours explicitly values the happiness and well-being of its people. We do this not just through slogans or catchphrases but through developing programs, culture, and the best tools available to ensure the success of our medical professionals. Although we are just one small part of an extensive system, we are aware of how vital our role is in providing our societies and people within it with the best quality healthcare. As a result, we are rewarded with a more profound sense of meaning, engagement, and satisfaction in our work.