February 5, 2020

Justin Jacob-My Travel Nursing Journey

by elijah

After working in a level II SICU in Rapid City, SD for 2 years immediately following nursing school, I was able to gain invaluable experience and get exposure to a wide variety of patient populations. This set the stage for the second leg of my nursing career; becoming a traveling nurse.

My first assignment was in Brownsville, TX and though it was not an overly favorable hospital to work in, my decision to live with my dog in a 30’ 5th wheel at Isla Blanca Park on South Padre Island (SPI) made it all worth it. I would commute 35 minutes from SPI to Brownsville every day I was scheduled and quickly scamper back to the gloriousness of the island as soon as I clocked out. It was a perfect beginning to what would be an amazing, adventurous, and fulfilling career as a traveling nurse.

I expeditiously purchased a sea kayak and would brave the ocean currents in pursuit of the ever-elusive Redfish on my days off. Not only would I fish out of a kayak, but I also frequented a jetty that sat adjacent to the RV park right next to the beach on SPI. I was lucky enough to catch an abundance of fish and quickly became known as, “Guero con Perro”.

Any minute I wasn’t at work was spent out in the ocean and combing the beaches on South Padre Island. I extended on my first assignment and stayed in South Texas, soaking up the sun and beach vibes for a total of 6 months. Not only were the fishing and beachy days incredible in South Texas, but I was introduced to crawfish boils and another delicious Texan fare. After getting my toes wet in my first couple of travel assignments, I knew I was about to jump in and that traveling nursing was exactly what I needed in life. On to round two!

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