Navigating TravCon 2023: How to connect, learn, and thrive

Ventura MedStaff’s Operations Manager, Chalee U., has spent almost 30 years immersed in the healthcare industry, with nearly a decade in healthcare staffing, and she has seen the evolution of medical staffing firsthand. Throughout her career, she has come to the realization that being in the healthcare staffing industry is about more than just filling positions, to Chalee, it’s about facilitating connections, nurturing relationships, and empowering healthcare travelers to succeed.

This is why she finds conferences like TravCon so incredibly valuable. To help new (and seasoned) attendees successfully navigate TravCon 2023, Chalee has given us her best tips on how to connect, learn, and thrive.


TravCon 2023: Where Connections Ignite Opportunities

According to Chalee, TravCon isn’t just another conference; it’s an annual pilgrimage for healthcare travelers of all specialties to gather with like-minded individuals who share a passion for healthcare and a love for exploring new places. You’re entering a community where connections are forged, and lifelong friendships are made.

Plus, Chalee says this is the perfect networking opportunity. Digital interactions are the norm with healthcare staffing and TravCon stands out as a unique chance to engage in face-to-face networking. This is where you can put faces to the names you’ve encountered through Facebook groups, phone calls, and emails. If you’ve ever hesitated to take the leap into healthcare travel, TravCon is the place to be. It’s where you can interact with a variety of agencies and determine which aligns best with your aspirations and values.


Why TravCon 2023 Matters: Learning, Growth, and Fun

Getting to meet fantastic recruiters face-to-face who are passionate about helping you succeed is not the only pro of TravCon. Chalee points out that you can also engage in educational sessions that cater to your professional development. From renewing your certifications to getting your CEUs, TravCon offers numerous opportunities to expand your knowledge and skill set.

But it’s not all business. “You’re in Vegas!” said Chalee. There is no shortage of fun activities to do in Sin City and there are a ton of sponsored events to enjoy. And let’s not forget the camaraderie—the shared experiences and joy of connecting with individuals who share your zest for life and adventure. It’s a refreshing reminder that you’re part of something bigger.


Getting the Most out of TravCon 2023: Tips and Must-Haves to Thrive

To make the most of your TravCon experience, Chalee gives these tips:


1. Pack the Essentials

Comfortable shoes are a must. The concrete floors and constant movement demand it. A refillable water bottle is your best friend, ensuring you stay hydrated throughout the event. Bring a jacket for those chilly breakout sessions, and don’t forget a tablet or notetaking device for jotting down insights.


2. Connect Strategically

Take time to research the conference beforehand. Know which booths and companies align with your goals. While it’s tempting to explore everything, focus on what’s relevant to your journey. Engage with recruiters, ask questions, and build connections.


3. Don’t Neglect Meals

Many people forget about the meals included with TravCon! You can eat breakfast and lunch in the exhibitor hall and sit with people you don’t know. This is a prime opportunity to widen your network and hear diverse perspectives.


4. Embrace Learning

While meeting with people and companies is great, don’t forget to go to a breakout session or two to learn something new! You also don’t want to miss the keynote speakers—they’re a wellspring of inspiration and knowledge.


5. Consider Making Labels (or create personal business cards)

One of the best parts of TravCon is all the stuff you get to bring home. All these companies and exhibitors will have a ton of swag items for you to take, and some will even be doing large giveaways, so, you will be giving out your information a lot for a chance to win these items. Making labels or creating personal business cards that have your first name, last name, email address, and phone number will help expedite the process and save your hand some major cramping.


Ventura MedStaff at TravCon

At Ventura MedStaff, our passion lies in changing lives and positively impacting patient care. TravCon is an exciting opportunity for us to meet you face-to-face, learn about your aspirations, and understand how we can support your journey.

Make sure to visit us at booth 837! We’re excited to connect with you and share more about our company, our experiences, and our industry insights, and maybe even some surprises with you (hint: dogs may be involved). We look forward to seeing you there!

In conclusion, TravCon isn’t just an event—it’s an experience. It’s a chance to connect, learn, and grow alongside fellow healthcare travelers. So, pack your essentials, open your mind, and get ready for an unforgettable journey at TravCon. Contact us with any questions you may have!



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