Things traveling medical professionals should consider when booking their spring assignment


The dark days of winter are behind us, and spring is finally here! For traveling medical professionals this means that it is time to pick out where you want to go for the season. Being a traveler is great because it means getting to go somewhere new for spring while also getting paid! When picking where to go, it can be easy to just pick somewhere sunny, but there are a few other things to consider if you want to have the best assignment possible.

Our recruiters at Ventura MedStaff recommend keeping these things in mind when booking your spring travel assignment.


The Weather

While spring is usually a good indicator that warmer weather is on the way, there are some states that experience colder springs. In fact, April is one of the snowiest months of the year in some places like South Dakota or the Rocky Mountains. So sunny weather and enjoying the outdoors is not a given just because of the season. It’s important to do your research beforehand and see which states are going to meet your weather needs.



It’s not a secret that springtime is synonymous with allergy season. Most seasonal allergies are caused by pollen, which gets released during spring and autumn for plant cycles. However, a little-known fact is that there are some states that are worse for your allergies than others! So, if you are someone who suffers from allergies and don’t want watering eyes and lots of sneezing to get in the way of your spring travel assignment, states like Utah and California are some of the best states to work in! However, you’ll want to avoid these states entirely.



Springtime is also synonymous with spring break, and popular states like Florida are going to be filled with people on vacation. Going somewhere popular for spring can mean that all the things you want to do, see, and explore are also what other people are going to want to do. When it is tourist season, recreational activities that a state is known for can be busy or take longer to do than normal. Make sure that is something you are okay with and ready to handle before booking a sought-after destination.


Job Availability

Not only are more tourists going to be at popular destinations, but there will be a lot of travelers who want to go there too. Job positions will fill very quickly at places that many traveling medical professionals want to go to – some jobs fill only hours after being posted. If your priority is a certain location, sometimes you will have to be flexible on other aspects of the job like shift preference in order to secure a job.


Maximizing free time during your spring travel assignment

One of the best parts of being a traveler is getting to go to all of your bucket list destinations and go on adventures! Figuring out how you want to spend your free time exploring will be one of the biggest factors when looking at booking out your spring travel assignment. Are you ready to relax by the beach for 13 weeks straight? You’ll need to go somewhere coastal. Do you think building up your strength and hiking through some mountains is more your spring speed? Perhaps Colorado would be a better fit!


The possibilities are endless when you work with Ventura MedStaff. We have travel assignments in all 50 states, perfect for you no matter where you want to go this spring. Ready to get started? Contact our recruiters today!




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