Top things to do in-between travel assignments

One of the biggest perks of becoming a traveler is being able to control your schedule and the flexibility that comes with deciding when and how long you work. It’s not uncommon for healthcare travelers to take some time off in-between travel assignments, especially during the summer months. Time off is great, but when you are used to always working, it can be hard to know how to spend your days. That’s why we’ve compiled some of the best ideas you can utilize to make the most of your free time.

time to-relax

1. It’s important to find time to relax

This one may come as a no-brainer, but relaxing is one of the best things to do between travel assignments. Healthcare workers face high rates of burnout and any time taken to relax can help to mediate that. Taking time to focus on hobbies, reconnect with loved ones, and focus on self-care can be immensely beneficial to your mental health. Even just setting thirty minutes aside every day to read can help you to decrease your stress levels and relax by 68 percent.


2. Take a vacation in-between travel assignments 

Time for vacation! You can choose to vacation a couple of different ways in-between travel assignments. The first is to go somewhere you’ve always wanted. Maybe a Caribbean Cruise or European getaway is on your bucket list, this is the perfect time to go! Another option is to do a staycation at your current assignment or head off early to a future one. When you are staying in states like California or Alaska, it can be hard to get all your traveling and sightseeing done in a short 13-week assignment. Taking a month off in-between allows you to dedicate time purely to exploring the great state you are in.

3. Improve yourself: Learn a new activity or skill

You can also utilize your time off to improve yourself. This can mean advancing your skillset to become more competitive for other assignments or gaining a new certification. With travel rates slowly coming down off the tail end of COVID -19, some of the more competitive jobs are being snatched up quickly. By advancing your skills you can more easily set yourself apart and get your first choice in assignments. Improving yourself can also mean dedicating more time to completing your goals like any fitness goals you may have.  


4. Complete any chores

While working, it can be easy to put off those home repairs or any other long-term chores that need to be done. Have you been wanting to do a kitchen makeover? Maybe you have a landscaping project all drawn up for your backyard. Either way, this time off can be used to finally get started and commit more time to complete these tasks.


5.  Spend time with family in-between travel assignments

Being a traveling healthcare worker often takes you further away from family, so when you take a break from assignments, it’s always a good idea to visit “home.” Getting to spend some time with your support system is like chicken noodle soup for the soul. Reconnecting with family, friends and other loved ones can help to keep your relationships strong for when you go on your next assignment.


Here at Ventura, we want all of our travelers to take the breaks they need to feel refreshed and ready for the next adventure. We are here ready to help when you feel it is time to go on your next assignment, just contact us!  




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