The Benefits Of Booking Your Fall Travel Contract Today

Colder weather and pumpkin spice lattes around every corner can only mean one thing – fall is here. If you plan to be on a travel assignment this fall, now is the time to start thinking about applying.

Our recruiters at Ventura MedStaff can help you discover some of the most interesting and lucrative travel contracts across the U.S. However, the longer you wait, the less likely you are going to be able to find the assignment with the right timing and location that you want. We’ve listed some more benefits you can gain by booking your travel contract as soon as possible below.


Holidays and Family Visits

The fall is full of great and exciting holidays like Halloween and Thanksgiving, with Christmas not too far behind. If you want to be able to take advantage of the holidays and visit family or friends, it is best to start looking for travel nurse jobs now. This will help to give you more negotiating power on what days you have off, or plan for your travel assignment to end in time for the holidays.

If you book now, you can take December off and spend it with family or at your travel destination exploring. If holidays are a big deal to you, now is the time to start planning.


Get Ahead of the Curve

The demand for short-term staffing in hospitals is always high, but it spikes during certain times of the year. For example, during the flu and cold season. This can cause an increase in pay and more travelers who took summer off are inclined to book their next travel contract. If you are looking for a travel assignment in a popular destination like California or Hawaii, it is best to apply early, especially if you want to be there for the fall.

The most desirable travel assignments fill up fast, and the earlier you apply, the better your chances of getting the perfect assignment for you.


A Head Start on Your CEUs

If you are looking to get ahead on your continuing education units (CEUs), fall is a great time to do it. Many travel nurses choose assignments that offer opportunities to attend conferences or seminars. Many of the best seminars do start in the fall, right after the summer vacations are over and everyone is back to work in full force.

These can be a great way to earn CEUs while also exploring a new city. And since many facilities are short-staffed even in the fall, you may also have the chance to pick up some extra shifts and make some extra money.


Fall Festivals and Activities

In addition to the opportunities for extra shifts and CEUs, being a traveling medical professional in the fall has some other great perks. The weather is usually very pleasant in most parts of the country, so you can enjoy spending time outdoors. If you’re a fan of leaves changing color and pumpkin patched, this is the perfect season for you.

Moreover, as the peak season for tourism winds down, you may find that hotels and flights are cheaper than usual – making your trip that much more affordable giving you the chance to earn even more money.

So, if you are thinking about becoming a travel nurse or a travel therapist, now is the time to start planning your next travel assignment. Fall is a great time to travel, and there are many benefits you can gain by starting to look today. Our recruiters at Ventura MedStaff can help you find the perfect assignment for you, so contact us today to get started.




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