The New Traveler’s Guide to Setting up Housing

Lessons from my experiences packing for and setting up housing for 13 travel assignments

If all else fails, you can always live in an RV park…

Prior to beginning my 9th travel assignment (which happened to be in Marietta, OH), I thought that RV parks were for travelers who had their own RVs and 5th wheels.

Marietta is a college town and I assumed that finding housing would be no problem. Silly me! (Never assume when it comes to housing, do your research!)

After spending days & countless hours searching for housing, it appeared that my only options were going to be a hotel on the other side of town from the hospital.

Another traveler and her husband were staying in their RV at the RV park near the hospital and recommended I inquire about renting the park model. It couldn’t have worked out better! Not only was it more economical than the hotel, but I had my own space and it was closer to the hospital! Plus, I had my own kitchen!

Assignments in rural areas can pose a housing dilemma. Don’t panic! Google search RV parks even if you do not own an RV. You might be surprised to find that some RV parks will not only rent out their park model on a short-term basis to traveling healthcare professionals, but you may also be able to rent an RV to utilize as well.

NOTE: It can get cold in the winter months, so if you choose to go this route, choose your geographic locations accordingly!

If you are interested in alternative housing options like traveling in an RV, 5th Wheel, or Tiny House check out my blog at for additional resources.
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By Kaleigh Cole
Travel PT


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