Why You May Want to Consider Becoming a Member of a Nursing Organization

There is no question that being a nurse can be a difficult job. Between the long hours, and difficult patients, and dealing with families during times of crisis, the pressure is always on. Nurses might think that there’s nobody out there to help them, which is why it is one of the professions with the highest percentage of burnout.

But just because some times are hard does not mean there is no one to help. In order to not feel alone in their career, nurses can join one of the numerous nursing organizations that exist. These organizations offer many benefits to their members, which is why they tend to be very popular.

Ventura MedStaff supports and works with nurses who are members of varied nursing organizations. If you are looking to join some of these organizations, it’s useful to know the pros and cons of doing so. We compiled a list of the most common things to consider from our travel nurses.

Access to Mentorship Programs & Continued Education

One of the best parts of being a part of the organization is that it can open the door for you to advance your career through continued education programs. Whether it is certification opportunities or mentorship from more senior members of the organization, there are plenty of ways to grow. Additionally, hiring managers and travel nurse agencies tend to look positively at nurses who are members of organizations, as it shows agency and initiative to improve oneself professionally.

With the support of a nursing organization, nurses can advance their careers much faster and easier thanks to networking events held by the organization, as well as a wealth of knowledge resources that the organization compiles over the years. If you take an active role in a nursing organization, your path to success may be accelerated considerably. This effect can be greatly increased if you are a travel nurse, able to connect with more people across the country.

Your Voice Is Heard

Aside from helping individual members of their organizations when the need arises and opportunities present themselves, nursing organizations have a bigger role to play. They serve as advocacy groups for all nurses. For many organizations, such as the ANA, one of the core tenets of their organizations is improving the standing of nurses across the country. Whether it is fair wages, workplace protections, or better access to education and resources, you have a better chance of getting those as a member.

In addition to that, being a member of an organization creates a sense of community and camaraderie with your fellow nurses.

Membership Fees

While nursing organizations come with a lot of benefits, they are not suitable for everyone. One of the drawbacks of joining an organization that is often cited is the membership fees. Just like with most organizations out there, nursing organizations do come with a membership fee which enables them to operate and provide benefits.

The question that you have to answer for yourself is whether access to these benefits justifies the membership cost for the organization.

Commitments and Obligations

Depending on the organization, they may require all of their members to be active participants in the operations and advocacy of the organization. This is not true for all organizations, but those that do require this from you warrant a closer examination before you decide to join in.

If you are, for instance, a travel nurse who wants to explore a new environment, actively participating in the work of the nursing organization may not be something you want to spend your time doing.

Whether you should join a nursing organization is ultimately on you. Weigh the pros and cons, and perhaps read our article about the most popular nursing organizations. If, on the other hand, you are ready to join the growing movement of travel nurses, look no further than Ventura MedStaff. Contact us today and we can find you the perfect assignment.




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