Why Travel Nurses Are More Important Now Than Ever

The current healthcare crisis has placed an unprecedented strain on hospitals and their staff. With the influx of patients, many hospitals are struggling to keep up with the demand. In fact, travel nurses have some of the highest burnout rates in the country.

While this is not surprising, given the immensity of their job, this does leave hospitals and other medical facilities in a bind – how to fill the gaps in their staff. While it is possible to manage these gaps with overtime, this solution is neither permanent nor sustainable in the long run.


Travel Nurses to the Rescue

This is where travel nurses come in. Travel nurses are highly skilled and experienced professionals who can help fill the staffing gaps in hospitals. In the past, travel nursing was a niche profession, chosen primarily by those looking to gain more experience while also traveling the country.

Nowadays, however, things have changed. This group of nurses have become not only integral, but a vital part of the healthcare system. They are often brought in during times of high need, such as during this immense staffing shortage we are currently in.

Why Travel Nurses Are So Vital

To put it simply (and perhaps a bit bluntly), travel nurses are a stopgap solution. They provide much needed relief to overstretched staff and help ensure that patients receive the care they need. In the current crisis, travel nurses are playing a vital role in keeping hospitals running. Without them, many hospitals would be forced to turn patients away or even potentially close their doors.

Travel nurses are vital for our healthcare system to continue functioning. In the current climate, there is simply no substitute for their experience and skill. Hospitals would be wise to invest in travel nurses whenever possible.


Why Travel Nurses Are Paid More Than Staff Nurses

One of the main reasons nurses are paid more than staff nurses is because hospitals are not paying for any of their benefits. They do not supply insurance or time off, so they can put that money towards their base pay. Plus, travel nurses often have more experience dealing with crisis situations. In addition, travel nurses often have to work long hours in difficult conditions. All of these factors contribute to the higher pay rate.

Not only is the pay is higher, nurses also often have more opportunities to advance their careers. Many travel nursing agencies offer tuition reimbursement, 401k and similar benefits, so nurses can continue their education while working. In addition, travel nurses often have the opportunity to work at multiple hospitals, which gives them a broader range of experience.


How Traveling Nurses Fare in New Hospitals

For the most part, traveling nurses are welcomed by the permanent staff. They often fill in for nurses who are on vacation or out on leave. Traveling nurses also help to cover shifts when the demand is high. In general, travel nurses are able to assimilate into new hospitals relatively easily.

That being said, there is a minority of nurses who feel like the higher wages of travel nurses are unfair towards the residents who do the same job. However, the simple law of supply and demand dictates that the expediency of hiring a travel nurse, along with the skillset these nurses possess fully justify the higher pay.

If you are a skilled and experienced nurse, consider becoming a travel nurse. You could make a vital difference in the lives of countless patients, while making more money and getting to experience a wide range of different hospitals, cities, and states. Reach out to us and become a part of the ever growing Ventura MedStaff family.


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