How To Beat First-Day Jitters At Your New Travel Contract

It doesn’t matter how seasoned a traveler you are, it’s normal to get first-day jitters when you start a new travel contract. A new facility with new rules and people is bound to lead to nervousness. Luckily, there are some things you can do to overcome the anxiety and have a great first day! Our Ventura MedStaff recruiters give some of their best tips below.


Make Sure You Arrive Early Before Starting A New Travel Contract


One of the best things you can do to prepare yourself for your first day at your new travel contract is to arrive early. This is especially important if you are going to be working in a new city/state. Arriving a couple of days before your travel contract begins will help you to get to know the area, unpack without as much stress, and even do a test drive to your job so you don’t get lost on your first day.


 Create Your Own Custom First Day Kit

Sometimes getting to your new travel contract early is not easy, or even possible. Maybe you have your assignments lined up just right, so you have just enough time to get there, but not do any exploring. Well, the next best thing to do is to create a first day kit. This will be a kit that contains all the paperwork you need for your first day in a folder, a pair of clean scrubs, a notebook and pen for notes, and some nonperishable snacks like a granola bar. Have this all in a separate bag from the rest of your things and make sure it is in an easily accessible spot. This way if you arrive at your new location the night before you start your new job, your first day kit is readily available.


Prioritize Self-Care

If your goal is to be less anxious about your first day, then make sure you are prioritizing self-care. This can mean something different for everyone, but on a base level, it should mean getting a good night’s sleep and eating a balanced breakfast or meal before you head out. It can also help to put some effort into your appearance for your first day so that you increase your confidence. Doing all these things can help get you in the right head space and physically make you feel more prepared.


 Come Up With A Mantra

It’s easy to let imposter syndrome take over when you start at a new job—but it’s important to remember that you got hired for a reason. You are skilled, you are competent, and you are going to rock this! You’ve embarked on the traveler journey for a reason, and while it is okay to be nervous, try and remember your “why” when this happens. It can help to come up with an affirmational phrase you can say every time you start to question your choice or feel like a fish out of water. Things like, “I am enough,” or “I adapt well to change,” can help you to center yourself and regain your confidence.


When In Doubt, Ask It Out

Part of the reason why we get first-day jitters is that we don’t know how everything is going to go. We don’t know the management style, if people pack or buy lunch, the culture, etc. How do we learn these things? We ask questions! Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you can during your first week. The more answers you get, the more the jitters will go away. You can ask your travel recruiter questions, the facility manager questions, and even just coworkers or other travelers at orientation.


If you are getting ready to start a new travel assignment, we congratulate you and hope that these tips help you to beat out your first-day jitters! For any other travel nurses or therapy professionals looking to get into traveling, contact us! We can help you to jumpstart your travel career.



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