How You Can Ensure Your Success as a Travel Nurse

Being a nurse is one of the most rewarding, but also stressful jobs in the healthcare industry. It is also very dynamic and requires quick thinking and professionalism at all times. What it doesn’t provide, perhaps, is a sense of adventure during your time off. But that’s where travel nurse jobs come in. If you’ve decided to embark on this exciting adventure that is travel nursing for the first time, or if you are an experienced travel nurse, Ventura MedStaff is the place for you to ensure your success as a travel nurse. Our recruiters are more than capable of helping you choose and settle into your travel nurse contract. And help you achieve success while you are at it.

What We Can Do for You

As an experienced agency with hundreds of successfully filled travel nurse contracts, we know how to value our nurses. After all, we rely on them as much as the hospitals and other medical facilities that sorely need their help.
We can offer you unparalleled service and full support during your contract all over the US and wider. Because remember, your success is our success. We will prepare you for your new posting as best as we can, provide all of the necessary information and help you might need.
With the Covid pandemic still in full swing, many healthcare workers, and nurses in particular are feeling burned out and exhausted. This might be the perfect time to remind ourselves why we are in this industry and what makes nurses so great.

A Positive Attitude Makes a Difference

Your job will not always be easy. There are long days, there are difficult days, and there are both of those combined – that’s just a part of the job. But this doesn’t have to color your day. If you choose to come into work with a positive attitude and perhaps a smile, you stand a chance to create a calmer, less stressful environment for everyone.

Your words of encouragement or support might be just what your patient or a family member of a patient needs to hear at that moment. The same may be applied to your colleagues, give support when needed and you can expect support back from them.
As mental health has been brought into focus in recent years, many facilities now offer such help to their staff as well. If you feel like it, talk to them, share your grievances and concerns. If you need additional support, there’s always your Ventura Medstaff recruiter to help you with other kinds of problems, as well.

Take On Any Challenge with Pride

Your contract clearly states what your job is and isn’t. And for the most part, you really should stick to what you know best and what you were hired to do. That being said, if the facility is swamped (as it tends to be during the Covid pandemic peaks), lending a helping hand is the right thing to do.
If the facility is understaffed, you may be asked to do some tasks that don’t necessarily fall into your purview, like answering phones or admitting patients. It’s important not to take these situations as an insult to your work credentials and education, but rather as a collegial thing to do.


We Are Always Learning and Adapting

Becoming an RN is a great achievement, and it takes a lot of time and effort to accomplish it. However, your learning doesn’t stop there (or at least it shouldn’t). There are always new techniques, new approaches that you can learn by watching your colleagues take on tasks. The more facilities you work in, the more you are likely to learn.

That being said, there is the other side of that medal – if you work in many different facilities, you will have to adapt to their individual policies and procedures. While the basics will always be the same, certain policies will likely be different. Your ability to adapt to and comply with these changes in a short span of time may be an important factor in your success as a travel nurse.
Generally speaking, there should be an orientation course as soon as you arrive at the facility which should tell you everything you need to know, but there’s always someone senior you can ask if you are unsure.

Covid Regulation Compliance

Addressing the elephant in the room, the world has not been the same ever since the pandemic started. From the initial confusion and panic to today’s well-established regulations and recommendations, we have come a long way. And it has been a road with many forks and dead-ends. The regulations have constantly changed and been adapted as we learned more about the virus. As the old adage says – the only thing that is constant is the change itself. As a nurse, it is your job to lead by example and comply with all of the regulations observed by the facility you currently work in, even if it differs vastly from your previous facility. As mentioned previously, adaptability is one of the most sought-after qualities in a nurse.
As we slide back into the cold season, and with new variants of the virus on the rise, it is uncertain whether the situation will be better this year, despite the wide availability of vaccines.

At Ventura Medstaff, we care about our appointees and want to keep them safe and healthy. Personal protection equipment should be widely available everywhere in your facility. If you have any concerns regarding Covid, reach out to your recruiter.

Finding a reason to continue working as a nurse in each of our personal battles, between the urge to help people and the hardships of the job. We are happy to have found numerous nurses whose inner fire and desire to help burn harder despite the challenges.

If you feel that same fire and want to help people by becoming a travel nurse, reach out to our recruiters and let us send you to an adventure of both your personal and professional life.


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