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November 17, 2020

Home for the Holidays – or NOT?

by elijah

The holiday season is now upon us and as we start to plan for Thanksgiving with our families – WAIT – COVID MANDATES hit us!

Thinking about taking time off from your Ventura travel assignment to head home for the holidays? Local mandates are something you need to be thinking about in your area and how it will affect you. Unfortunately, it will affect many resulting in family gathering cancelations and many unable to travel to see loved ones.

This can result in what I call the COVIDPRESSION. With already being tucked away from home on your assignment, then what many look forward to is now taken away as well. Family time! The time where you need that connection with your loved ones to recharged and reminisce back to your childhood days. Or just be together and stare at one another. Whatever your family tradition is – it can be missed.

Don’t let COVID-PRESSION take anymore from you! If mandates or travel restrictions prohibit you from seeing your loved ones this holiday season find ways to get together.

Zoom gathering. Play a boardgame with many family members via Zoom. All enjoy a meal together via Zoom. Open gifts together via Zoom. Laugh/dance to silly songs via Zoom – this can be fun and a holiday you will never forget. Don’t be afraid to have fun no matter where you are and be real. It’s good for your soul!

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