Building A Brand As A Travel Nurse, And How To

Building a brand as a travel nurse is an important part of your profession. Similar to a company building a brand, individual branding is how you’ve seen from another’s eyes. Building your reputation and brand will open new opportunities for your career. Here are 4 steps to building a personal brand as a travel nurse.

Consider what your brand is

The first step in this process is to understand why you want to build your brand and what you want to be known for. Are you focused on availability, regional locations, or specific types of care? What are your values, your mission? Why do you do what you do? Determining how others want to perceive you is the first step. It should be in alignment with what you want to be known for and also your personal brand should be actively working toward your professional goals.

Act your brand

After you’ve determined what you want to be known for, then it’s time to step up. Be true to yourself and your brand on assignment, with recruiters, and in networking circles. Be sure to update any resumes, websites, LinkedIn, or other social profiles according to your new brand.


You are your brand. Pretty straightforward. You know that but it will take effort to brand yourself. As you engage with others in person or online, be sure to make it very obvious who you are and what you’re about. Define your mission, what others can expect of you, and really walk the walk of your brand. As you interact with new people, remember to put your brand first. Get your elevator speech ready with a quick 30-second intro about your brand.

Deliver on your promises

Ever have a negative experience with a brand and vow to exclude all further business with them? Well, you absolutely don’t want that to be your brand! So as you’re working on assignments, interacting with colleagues, recruiters, and other professionals, be sure to deliver and exceed expectations. Creating a brand as a travel nurse is fun, rewarding, and critical to your mission and your career.

Remember to create a positive brand experience with each interaction. Have fun with it and stay consistent. Your hard work will pay off!



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