Traveling Tips


December 15, 2020

Traveling as a Job with Diabetes and Making Memories

Don’t let Diabetes stop you from traveling as a job, for fun, or with your family. The adventure that traveling will take you on will happen whether you have diabetes...


Holidays travel christmas tree

November 17, 2020

Home for the Holidays – or NOT?

The holiday season is now upon us and as we start to plan for Thanksgiving with our families – WAIT – COVID MANDATES hit us! Thinking about taking time off...



November 10, 2020

Storm Survival Kit For Travel in Winter

Hi Winter Travelers! When you’re traveling, especially if you travel in winter, it’s always a good idea to check weather conditions for your destination. Whether you are traveling for work...



September 2, 2020

How To Stay In Touch With Family As A Traveling Nurse

Being a traveling nurse can be extremely rewarding. Being away from friends, family and having a new home base can be very challenging. Luckily, with technology, it’s easier than ever...



August 24, 2020

Awesome Ways To Have An Impact As A Travel Nurse

A travel nurse plays a critical role in the healthcare system. They provide important support for patients and other medical professionals. In addition, travel nurses have a unique job to...



July 19, 2020

6 Tips for Being a Mom and a Nurse

Growing up you were probably called the same name. Maybe a nickname was thrown in there. Perhaps your label as ‘mom’ is your most important. But balancing being a mom...



February 18, 2020

Plant-Based Food on the Fly

In our household, we have ventured through many types of diets over the years.  When my husband and I met, I had become vegetarian & mostly vegan for health reasons. ...