Top National Parks for Spring Hiking Adventures for Healthcare Travelers

When picking a new travel assignment – it’s not unusual for travelers to think about the pay, proximity to family, or even bucket list destinations, but what about National Parks? There is no better way to unwind after a shift than to immerse oneself in nature. The United States is home to some of the most magical and breathtaking parks; being a traveler means you can explore them all!

This spring we invite you to lace up your hiking boots and take an assignment near one of these amazing National Parks!


Great Smoky Mountain National Park

Located in Tennessee and North Carolina

Nestled along the border of Tennessee and North Carolina, it’s no secret that the Great Smoky Mountains National Park is a paradise for hikers! This National Park lights up during Spring with wildflowers popping up everywhere, cascading waterfalls, and a ton of diverse wildlife. Travelers can hike popular trails like Rainbow Falls Trail and Alum Cave, where they are sure to see picturesque views of this Appalachian gem!


Zion National Park

Located in Utah

With mild temperatures, low crowd levels, and beautiful green foliage, spring is a great time to check out Utah’s Zion National Park! Zion is known for its numerous slot canyons and towering red rock cliffs. It’s one of the most beautiful National Parks around. Especially during the spring with the Virgin River flowing freely and creating beautiful contrast in the valley. Plus the classic red and pink rocks seen up against the spring blooms can be quite a site to see!


Joshua Tree National Park

Located in California

If you’ve ever wanted to check out Joshua Tree National Park, spring is the best time to visit! This is because it’s the time of year when the temperature is perfect. It is mid-80s during the day with abundant sunshine and nighttime brings cooler weather that is perfect for stargazing. Joshua Tree National Park borders two major deserts and does not have stereotypical foliage that one would see in spring, but you can find colorful cactus fields and wildflowers that stand in great contrast to the dense desert expanse.


Big Bend National Park

Located in Texas

You will find Big Bend National Park in Texas situated on the Mexico border and because it encompasses a large part of the Chihuahuan Desert, spring is one of the most popular times to visit.  It is one of the only national parks that has a port of entry, so bring your passport and while you are exploring you can enter the small town of Boquillas, Mexico! Another big plus to Big Bend National Park is the natural hot springs. Soak your troubles away by entering one of the many thermal pools in the area or drive through the Ross Maxwell Scenic Drive to view all the local spring wildflowers!


Yellowstone National Park

Located in Wyoming

If your favorite thing about National Parks is the wildlife, then the best one for you to visit this spring is Yellowstone. Baby animals from all different species begin to pop up during spring like moose and elk, and you are sure to see an abundance of baby grizzly and black bears! Plus, spring is a great time to see Old Faithful, one of only 6 geysers that park rangers can accurately predict when they will erupt, without a large crowd. There are also plenty of hiking trails to enjoy and fishing opportunities at Yellowstone!


Acadia National Park

Located in Maine

Acadia is a beautiful National Park with forest trails, lakes galore, and a breathtaking view of the Atlantic Ocean. The weather in Maine will just be beginning to warm up, so you’ll want to make sure you bring layers with you, but there is also a plethora of sunshine to be found. In fact, while in Acadia, hikers are the first people in the United States to see the sunrise of the day. Plus, this can be a great time of year to explore the park by bike, as the summer crowds have not yet arrived.


There are 63 National Parks in the United States, and as a traveler, you can explore them all! We offer travel assignments in all 50 states and can help you check them off your bucket list. Contact us to get started!




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