Where Travel Therapists Should Go This Spring According to Ventura MedStaff’s Director of Therapy

The perfect spring assignment can mean different things to different travel therapists. Luckily, no matter if you prefer to be in a sunny paradise, a milder climate, or even somewhere with snow, Ventura MedStaff has an assignment for you.  Our Director of Therapy, Lacey, gives us the inside scoop on some of the best locations to be in for spring, some of our hot-ticket assignments, tips on how to land your perfect spring assignment, and why Ventura MedStaff is the company for you below.


Popular Destinations for Spring

Lacey emphasizes that Ventura MedStaff has travel assignments in all 50 states, but these are some of the more popular options for travel therapists this spring:

California – No matter what kind of nature lover you are, California has something for you! There are beaches nearby, mountains to hike, deserts to explore, tons of spring festivals to attend, and theme parks up and down the coast. Lacey also points out that California will have some of the highest-paying job opportunities available for spring.

Washington – Our travel therapists love the West Coast, and especially Washington for its hiking scene. No matter where you go in Washington, there’s something beautiful nearby for you to explore. Lacey’s favorite part is the food and wine scene! There are some great, fresh seafood options in Washington, as well as some world-class vineyards.

Minnesota – Lacey says that Minnesota is a midwestern hidden gem that gets cold during the winter but comes into its own for spring. There are 65 state parks to explore, and it’s known as the state of 10,000 lakes. For travelers who prefer to spend their time indoors, Minnesota is also home to the Mall of America, a great weekend adventure!

Wisconsin – Home to cheese curds, microbreweries galore, two Great Lakes, 3 major sports teams and so much more – Wisconsin is a great state for your spring travel assignment! While Lacey knows that Wisconsin might not be the first spot that comes to mind for your spring adventures, there is something for everyone here!

Illinois – No matter if you’re craving city life or want a more suburban experience, you can have both when you come to Illinois.  Chicago can be a great place to visit on the weekends to see its iconic skyline or check out Springfield, the birthplace of President Lincoln. Plus, you can finally see for yourself if Deep Dish is the superior pizza type.

Massachusetts – The perfect place for our East Coast lovers this spring! Massachusetts is home to 192 National Historic Landmarks for all the history buffs and well-known cities such as Boston and Salem. Plus, you can take a quick weekend getaway to famous nearby beaches like Nantucket or Cape Cod.

Virginia – There’s nothing quite like spring in Virginia! Lacey says this is one state you don’t want to miss out on during this time of year. Close to D.C., there are a ton of spring festivals to attend, like the Cherry Blossom Festival or the Virginia Arts Festival. You can take a trip to see Mount Vernon or Monticello, or just spend your afternoons shopping in Old Town Alexandria. This state has a ton of diverse assignments available and can help you to grow professionally.

Florida – There’s a reason Florida is a popular spring break destination. With great weather, beaches along almost every edge of the state, and theme parks galore, this is a spring travel paradise. Lacey says that spring is the best time to visit if Florida is on your list. The weather is essentially perfect and there will be fewer crowds than there will be in summer.


Hot Ticket Assignments

With Lacey’s years of experience helping to connect travel therapists with their dream travel assignments, she says that it is very rare to see job opportunities in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Colorado during this time of year. They are hot states and assignments that everyone wants to apply for. They all have amazing weather, mountainous areas to explore while hiking, and in the case of the Carolinas – close by the water too.

Lacey is seeing a lot of opportunities there, even for traveling pairs, which is even more rare! If you have been wanting to take an assignment in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Colorado – now is the time!


Landing Your Dream Assignment

There are a lot of travel therapists who want to make their next assignment at one of these popular destinations or hot ticket locations, so Lacey wants you to keep these tips in mind to land your dream assignment.

  1. Send your resume to at least four facilities. This way your chances go up of getting what you want.
  2. Always be open to having a discussion with the manager. Even with places that aren’t at your desired specific location or pay, it could be your dream job and get great mentors to learn from.
  3. Interview with multiple facilities. This way you can weigh the pros and cons of each assignment and determine which is going to be the best fit for you.
  4. During the interview always ask about the specifics of the position and ask about the support staff. It’s important that you know what your day-to-day is going to look like and know that you will have support if or when you need it.
  5. Try not to be too particular. Consider the fact that you are being paid a premium rate as a traveler, and when you ask for too many things, you can lose out on the job that you really want. It’s okay to not have every box ticked off for your assignment, as long as most of them are! You can do anything for 13 weeks, and you might end up loving the assignment so much that you want to extend it.


Travel with Ventura MedStaff

Ventura MedStaff is one of the fastest-growing travel therapy companies in the industry, and we became that way first and foremost Lacey says, because of our recruiters. Our recruiters C.A.R.E. for their travelers and the relationships they build, plus, they are every traveler’s single point of contact throughout their entire travel career with us.

Plus, Lacey says, we have a lot of direct jobs. This means that the timeline from finding a job to applying, to getting an interview, to landing the job, can be extremely quick. And if we don’t have a job in the location you want, we will market the area for you! Our client managers will put the work in and search high and low in your desired location to find you an assignment.

If you are ready to start your spring assignment, contact us! Our recruiters are ready to help you find your next adventure.


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