Best places for a winter travel nursing assignment

With the holidays over and the winter season in full swing, it’s time to pick your next travel assignment location! Winter means colder and shorter days and traveling medical professionals have the unique opportunity to either escape the cold or embrace the season. No matter which path you choose, Ventura MedStaff can help you find the best place for your winter travel nursing assignment!

Escape the cold

One of the best perks of being a traveling medical professional is being able to go someplace warm for winter! Getting to ignore the freezing temperatures, and the snow-covered roads and instead journey to where the sun still shines. If you want to pretend winter is just a bad dream – these are the states we recommend:


Besides just the obvious warmer weather, Florida is a great state to choose for your winter nursing assignment because of the seasonal demand the state faces.  “Snowbirds” or older individuals will travel to Florida during the colder months, usually heading to their Florida residence in November or December and staying until spring. This creates many short-term contracts for nurses, allied health, and therapy professionals.


Texas in the winter is much more reasonable than other parts of the country, with snow being a rarity, and most days very pleasant to be outside. Texas’s tourist population decreases in the winter, making it a great time to explore and live like the locals.  The great state is large and offers a great food scene, hiking trails, nightlife, and more!


There is no better desert paradise in the winter than Arizona. While the morning and evenings can get chilly, Arizona boasts an average of 60-70 degree days in the winter. Compared to their summer temperatures, this can be a great time to go out exploring and not worry about heat stroke. It’s also a great time to go explore the Grand Canyon without as many crowds!


Southern California can be beautiful during the winter time, with sandy beaches, mixed outdoor amenities, and a wide variety of patients. This is also the perfect time of year to go whale watching! California gray whales in December start their migration journey along the west coast – with many Californians being able to see newborn calves during this time!


Looking for a peachy-keen winter nursing assignment? Make sure you check out our available jobs in Georgia! Georgia is a true southern experience that is fun to visit year-round – with Savannah, Atlanta, and Augusta being popular city destinations. One of the best things about Georgia is that all within a day’s drive you can access beaches, mountains, and farmland. Giving you a lot of opportunities to explore everything that Georgia has to offer.

Embrace the winter

When it’s wintertime, there will be lots of traveling medical professionals looking to go someplace with a lot of sun, making those locations very competitive. Other locations that experience winter to the fullest in turn have fewer people applying to them and can end up paying more as well to entice travelers to their facility. If you are ready to embrace the cold this winter, these states are for you:


Washington borders Canada and can get very cold during the winter months. However, this beautiful state has amazing hiking trails, national parks, and lots of other outdoor activities for travelers to enjoy. The diversity of Washington’s nature is unparalleled. Enjoy snow-capped mountains, beaches, and lush rainforests, and even enjoy some fishing!  There is no end of fun things to do in this great state.


Home to the Windy City and some of the top-rated hospitals in the U.S. – Illinois is the perfect place to be for your next travel contract. Some fun activities to do in Illinois that you can only do during the winter are going snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, or ice skating! Plus, Illinois has some of the best food scenes, art centers, and architecture around.


We have many travelers tell us that living and working in Alaska is a life-changing experience. Why should you go during the winter? The answer is simple: Northern Lights Season. This is the best time of year to see the aurora borealis due to the darker days and nights. While a lot of normal tourist attractions may be closed during winter there is still dogsledding and so many more winter sports activities.


Massachusetts is always in need of traveling medical professionals, which means they are willing to pay more. Massachusetts has one of the highest pay rates in the U.S. but especially in the winter months when other travelers seek out warmer weather. While you might not want to spend a ton of time outdoors, this state is home to so many historical sites that you’ll never run out of things to do.

New York

There’s never a bad time to visit the state of New York and be within day-trip distance of New York City. The Big Apple has shopping, museums, fantastic food, and lots of sightseeing opportunities. Venture out into the more rural areas of New York and you will find a lot to do there too like snowboarding or skiing! The state is a beautiful sight during the winter, make sure you come and see it for yourself!

No matter if you are seeking someplace warm or want to live it up amongst the snow, Ventura MedStaff can help! We offer travel contracts to nurses, allied health, and therapy professionals in all 50 states! Contact a recruiter today to get started.



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