Is Becoming A Traveling Physical Therapist After PT School Right For You?

After years of schooling, you’ve finally done it! You’ve earned your DPT and now it is time to start searching for your first job. While that may lead you to start searching for a hospital position or something at a nearby clinic, there is another option you can choose.  You can become a traveling physical therapist right out of school!


Becoming a travel PT for your first job may seem like an overwhelming idea at first, but there are numerous benefits you can gain. Our Ventura MedStaff Therapy team is here to help you with any questions you may have and go over these benefits below.


You Get To Adventure As A Traveling Physical Therapist

One of the biggest benefits associated with becoming a traveler is all the adventures you get to go on! Here at Ventura, we have physical therapy contracts all over the U.S., so the possibilities are endless! If you’ve always had the travel bug and wanted to see Alaska, California, Maine, etc. this is your best opportunity. You can see all the places you’ve wanted to check out while also getting paid and starting your career!

Get Paid More

Speaking of getting paid, travel physical therapists on average can make anywhere from 15-20 percent more than permanent on-staff physical therapists. When you are fresh out of school, that extra money can be extremely helpful when trying to pay off student loans. Traveling physical therapists not only get paid for the hours they work, but if your contract is far away from your permanent residence, you also get tax-free stipends for housing, food, travel, and more. This extra money can help you to explore the new states you are placed in and all the nearby cities you want to experience.


Gain Some Incredible Experience

There is no experience required to become a travel physical therapist, your recruiter can find you a contract right out of school. Contracts are on average 13 weeks long, and when they are up sometimes there is the option to extend, or you can find a new place and enter into a new contract. Due to this quick pace, you can rack up a lot of experience that looks great on your resume. Traveling allows you to experience a variety of different patients in unique settings and learn from a multitude of clinicians.


This constant change-up will allow you to learn new systems and work in different environments at a much faster rate than in a permanent position.


The Flexibility Is Unmatched

There is a ton of flexibility that comes with becoming a traveling physical therapist. While you will have to work the hours set in the contract according to your employer, you are entirely in control of which contract you sign. You can look for the options that best fit your working needs.


Not only that, but at the end of the contract, you can choose whether you want to start a new contract right away, take a two-week break, or even take a month-long vacation. You are completely in control of your time!


Never Feel Alone

Being a traveler can be lonely, and when you are first starting as a traveling physical therapist, it is important to have someone you can lean on. Your recruiter will be your biggest supporter and always in your corner. They can recommend some groups to join, like HealthCare Hoppers, to be connected with other travelers. Plus, they can connect you with other therapists in the facility, someone to help you learn the ropes and bounce ideas off. When you work with Ventura, we make sure that you are well connected and supported throughout your entire journey.


Becoming a traveling physical therapist right after PT school is a great opportunity to gain confidence in your abilities, hone your skills, and achieve your career goals. Ventura MedStaff is here for you whenever you are ready to take the first step in this journey. Just contact us to get in touch with our recruiters!



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