Things To Consider This Fall Before Signing Your Travel Contract

While we are still enjoying the sunshine and pool days of summer, fall is just around the corner. The cooler weather and changing leaves will be here before you know it and that means it is time to start thinking about your fall assignment.  Fall can be one of the best times to be a traveling healthcare professional, but before signing your next travel contract, these are the things you will want to keep in mind.


1. Think About An Extension Of Your Travel Contract 

Travel rates are fluctuating due to supply and demand, and securing the perfect assignment is easier said than done. Many health travelers are finding it difficult to find a travel nursing assignment with their expected pay rate, preferred hours, shift time, and all in the desired location. So, if you are happy with where you are at for your summer travel assignment and they are allowing you to extend, that may be an option you want to consider.  It could be one of the best options to avoid canceled contracts.


2. Be Flexible: Pick One Thing To Prioritize On A Travel Contract

With those same thoughts in mind, if extending your travel nurse contract is not an option, the best thing to do is be flexible. Pick one thing to prioritize on a travel contract and be flexible with the rest. If location is the most important aspect to you for your fall assignment, then you may have to be amenable to different shifts and pay rates. Alternatively, if the pay is the most important aspect, then you might not be going to your dream destination. Know what you are comfortable with beforehand and make sure you let your recruiter know so that they can help you to find your perfect contract for autumn.


3. Keep The Season In Mind

Fall is filled with so many fun things – there’s football, apple picking, haunted houses, and so much more! Make sure you are keeping these things in mind when picking a location. California is beautiful, but if your goal is to see the leaves change, then the east coast might be the better option. Do some research into what states are known for what, who has the best fall festivals, are there any football teams nearby for tailgating, and things of that nature to make sure you have the best experience possible. You can join Facebook groups too, like Healthcare Hoppers, and ask fellow healthcare travelers where they recommend heading out for the fall season.


4. Plan For The Holidays

Depending on when your summer contract ends, this next travel assignment could directly correspond with the holidays. Therefore, if you are wanting to be closer to your family during this time, you will have to pick an assignment in that area. This will make it easier to drive or visit with them without having to rely on approved time off.


When you are ready to start looking for your next fall travel contract, contact the recruiters at Ventura MedStaff! They can help you to find the perfect assignment.



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