Why you should consider becoming a healthcare traveler this summer

Once summer hits, it’s hard not to spend your days dreaming of vacation and warm, sandy beaches or hiking mountains galore. Even though your heart dreams of summer vacation, your head knows the reality of having to go to work every day. Luckily, if you work in healthcare, you can become a healthcare traveler this summer and live out your adventure dreams while still making money. It’s the best of both worlds.


Why leave your staff job

The benefits of becoming a healthcare traveler are numerous, and some are even greater during the summer. Things such as:

 More control over assignments

When you become a healthcare traveler, you have a say in where your assignment is, how long, and sometimes even specific shifts. With Ventura MedStaff, you can work anywhere in the United States, whether you prefer to stay close to home or travel.

Increased flexibility

You may have some flexibility with your staff job on when you can take time off, but when you become a healthcare traveler, you can take a month off at a time. You have the choice to take as much time off between assignments as you want to spend time with family, go exploring, or enjoy summer in peace.

 Competitive salary

While working your staff job, you’ve probably met with some healthcare travelers and heard about the money they make and been shocked. On average, traveling medical professionals make 10% more than staffers with just their base salary. This does not include the nontaxable stipends they make for housing, transportation, and license reimbursement.

Career advancement

When you become a healthcare traveler, there are more opportunities for you to expand on your skills and advance your career. Plus, you can learn new things at your different hospitals and on assignments that you embark on.


Advantages of becoming a healthcare traveler during the summer


     1. Enjoying the summer weather

A big benefit of becoming a healthcare traveler is all the new places you get to see and visit. During the winter, bad weather and freezing temperatures can prohibit you from exploring as much as you want. This is no problem in the summer! The beautiful weather can help you to see everything that your assignment location has to offer.


    2. Summer festivals and events

Another perk about being a healthcare traveler in the summer is all the exclusive festivals and events that take place during the warmer months. Farmer’s markets, art festivals, outdoor concerts, and different tourist events typically take place in the summer that you can enjoy. You can be sure to fill up all your free time with fun events.


   3. Live where you vacation

 While working your staff job you might take a week off to head to Florida with your family, when you become a healthcare traveler, you can live where you would vacation! Alaska, Maine, Florida, and California are all beautiful states that you will need more than just a week to explore. 13-week assignments with extension possibilities will give you enough time to take in each place to its fullest. Plus, the extra money you get from your contacts as a traveler will help you to take side trips and make the most of your “live-in” vacation. Check out some of the best places you can go to be a healthcare traveler this summer from our partner, Wanderly.


Ventura MedStaff is here to help you if you are planning to travel this summer. We have job opportunities for nurses, therapists, and allied health professionals in any state they want to explore. 




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