What to Consider If You Want to Become a Travel Nurse in 2022

There’s no time like the present, the old adage goes. If you’ve been looking to have a travel nurse experience, 2022 is a great time to get into the game. As we’re facing the third year of a global pandemic, the healthcare systems of just about every country are stretched to their limits.
According to some research, a lot of nurses are feeling the pressure and are considering quitting, mostly due to hard conditions, long hours, and other factors. While this trend is extremely worrying, it also provides a lot of opportunities to those ready to seize them.
If you feel like you can handle the pressure and that you want to go out and explore new places, reach out to our recruiters, and they will make sure you get all the information and help you need to start your travel nurse career. Here’s what you need to know.

Why Is Travel Nursing So Popular?

Staff nurses, those employed long term in a medical facility have a really challenging job – everything from caring for patients to dealing with families, and huge amounts of paperwork. And while travel nurses largely need to be able to cope with the same challenges, they do have one huge advantage over staff nurses.
Nurses who take up short-term postings in a variety of locations have a chance to change the scenery, explore new places, and gain new experiences and thus balance their (difficult and responsible) jobs. With a healthy and varied life outside work, it is much easier to handle the complex challenges of a nursing job.
Another important incentive is certainly the earnings. Thanks to the simple law of supply and demand, travel nurses typically go to places that are in dire need of staff. Those facilities are more willing to pay more and incentivize people to accept jobs. As a result, travel nurses often earn significantly more than their staff counterparts.

What You Should Pay Attention to Before You Sign Up

If you’re feeling like travel nursing might be the next step in your career as a healthcare provider, there are still a few steps you need to take before you can take the plunge. Perhaps the first thing you will need to do is read about people’s experiences during these tasks.
This step is hugely important because it will tell you what you can expect. If you know yourself well, this should be enough for you to assess whether this type of posting is right for you, or if you should reconsider. The last thing you want is to cancel your contract mid-term.
Another hugely important thing you need to ensure is that you have all of the necessary qualifications to apply. Often, travel nurse agencies will not accept people straight from school and require at least a year or two of experience in the field. You may also need additional certifications for specific positions. Finally, if you’re applying out of state, make sure that you are eligible to work in the host state of your choice. Thanks to the nursing compact, this is not a concern in a large number of states, but double-check to be sure.

What Agencies Should You Work with?

Still interested in pursuing this career path? Great, we’re happy to have you. Your next step should be finding the right kind of travel nurse agency. There are numerous agencies in this field, and who you choose can have a tremendous impact on your travel nurse experience.
So, how can you know who to trust? Well, you can take our word for it, or you can do your own research. The internet is an incredible resource if you know how to use it. Check the online reviews of agencies you’ve heard of, read the experiences of people who already worked with these agencies.
More reliably, though, you should consult your colleagues – if you know anyone who’s gone through the whole process already. These kinds of first-hand experiences are invaluable. They can give you the rundown of their experience. While your own travel nurse experience might ultimately be different, chances are that there will be plenty of things you can learn from veteran traveler colleagues even before you start.

What to Ask in Your Interview with a Recruiter?

Once you’ve picked your travel nurse agency or a few of them that seem reliable to you, you should prepare for the interview. There are certain things that travel nurse agencies should provide, but you really should go beyond those simple and necessary things
If you want to properly prepare for a short-term posting and gauge the agency you’re talking to, ask them about their postings. Are they spread all across the US? Do they offer international opportunities? Only reliable and reputable agencies will be able to offer you such perks.
This is also the right time to discuss your pay, as well as the types of assignments that you will be expected to do, and even your schedule and the maximum number of hours you’re willing to work.

Why Travel Nurse Posting Is Great to Have on Your Résumé

For a lot of people, being a travel nurse is a way to enjoy the best of being gainfully employed in their own profession, while also being able to travel and enrich their lives with personal experiences. And while this is the (perhaps unintended) consequence of the job, the true benefit will always be your professional career and your résumé.

With a successful short-term contract as a travel nurse on your résumé, you are signaling to your potential employers that you are able to land on your feet very quickly and adapt to a new situation and a new environment quickly. No matter if you choose to seek out another travel contract, or a steady, staffed position, having experience as a travel nurse will always be welcomed by employers.
If you’ve gone through this whole article and found that you’ve been persuaded, rather than dissuaded about becoming a travel nurse, reach out to us, and our skilled and experienced recruiters will help you pick out your first travel nurse destination and get your career rolling.



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