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Deciding to become a travel nurse or therapist isn’t always easy. There are many things to consider, like the fact that you will be leaving your home and family and friends for an extended period. Not to mention all the necessary licenses and proper documentation you will need to gather.

Even when you’re in the middle of your traveler journey, there is still a matter of deciding where to go next, for how long, and how to best approach your new position. Fortunately, Ventura MedStaff has compiled a list of helpful articles and resources for you to learn from. Ranging from basic questions such as ‘what is a travel nurse’ to more elaborate ones about the nursing compact states and everything in between.

Our people are our biggest asset, and we will never forget that. Strengthening them with knowledge only strengthens us as a whole.


July 12, 2021

How Covid-19 Affected Travel Nursing

COVID-19 took the world by surprise. Humanity wasn’t ready to face such a serious and global disease spread and adapt nor adjust to it. Medical healthcare workers had to learn...

Alex Brown


June 19, 2021

How To Become A Traveling Nurse

If you’re a nurse looking for a change in your life, or if you’re looking for short-term employment before looking for a full-time job, traveling nurse jobs might just be...

Elijah Carter


June 13, 2021

Nursing Compact States Stats for 2021

Nursing Compact, Nursing Licensure Compact, Enhanced Nurse Licensure Compact – there are a few names thrown around for this amazing multi-state project revolutionizing the nurse industry in the US. But...

Emma Smith


May 19, 2021

What Are the Best Places in the US for Traveling Nurses?

Working as a travel nurse can be a great experience. Combining the responsible and hard work of nursing with the excitement and novelty of traveling is ideal for young nurses...

Alex Brown


May 12, 2021

5 Things To Expect From Your Travel Nursing Agency

It can be difficult sometimes to make a decision. It can be scary. It can be nerve-wracking. It can take a lot of time to overpower your doubts and indecisiveness....

Elijah Carter


May 9, 2021

Tips To Choose The Right Medical Staffing Agency

We are witnessing at this very moment a global change in the realization of how important medical staffing really is. And it is priceless. If you are in the field,...

Emma Smith


May 9, 2021

Indispensable Tips for First-Time Traveling Medical Workers

There are as many as 25,000 traveling nurses in the USA alone, traveling the country, taking up jobs in order to gain some experience both working and traveling and exploring...

Alex Brown


May 9, 2021

Problems You Can Encounter With Travel Nursing And How To Fix Them

So, you found a reliable medical staffing company, you packed up your travel bag, and got ready to work and travel…That part was great! And then you actually arrive at...

Alex Brown


December 31, 2020

Traveler Spotlight: Dana and Carlos

What is your favorite part about working with Ventura Medstaff? Our recruiter Dustin and his team do a great job of finding jobs in our desired locations/setting rather than wait...

Emma Smith


December 15, 2020

Traveling as a Job with Diabetes and Making Memories

Don’t let Diabetes stop you from traveling as a job, for fun, or with your family. The adventure that traveling will take you on will happen whether you have diabetes...

Elijah Carter

Holidays travel christmas tree

November 17, 2020

Home for the Holidays – or NOT?

The holiday season is now upon us and as we start to plan for Thanksgiving with our families – WAIT – COVID MANDATES hit us! Thinking about taking time off...

Elijah Carter


November 10, 2020

Storm Survival Kit For Travel in Winter

Hi Winter Travelers! When you’re traveling, especially if you travel in winter, it’s always a good idea to check weather conditions for your destination. Whether you are traveling for work...

Alex Brown