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October 31, 2018

The New Traveler’s Guide to Setting up Housing:

by elijah

Lessons from my experiences packing for and setting up housing for 13 travel assignments

Furnished Finder is a great FREE resource for traveling healthcare professionals!!!!
· Unlike Airbnb – there is no booking fee or website fee for the traveler
· So what’s the catch??? – landlords must pay to list each property on the site. It’s $99/year, per listing. This allows FurnishedFinder to offer the service FREE to travelers
· When you look for an apartment, they will all have a 30 days minimum stay (some are 90-day minimum stays). Price is displayed in monthly rent. You will see details regarding the unit such as bedrooms, bathrooms, amenities, and house rules. It will also specify whether the unit is pet friendly.
· Along with each listing, you will also see a list of nearby hospitals and how far each facility is from the unit (very helpful if you are taking an assignment in a hospital!!!)
· NOTE: Unlike Airbnb, you do not pay through the website. All money transactions are handled directly by the property owner. (I was nervous about this at first, but it went very smoothly! Just make sure you get reviews and references. My property was handled through a building management company in the city where I pay rent directly).

Here’s perhaps the best part of FurnishedFinder

They offer FREE RECORD CHECKS TO ALL TRAVELING HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS TO HELP YOU AVOID GETTING SCAMMED. All you need to use the service is the address of the property you are looking to rent and a few days to wait for the results. This is an AMAZING service that is 100% FREE!!!! I highly recommend utilizing this regardless of what resource you use to secure your housing.

The only bad thing about FurnishedFinder is that there aren’t as many options as some of the other sites like Airbnb. Help spread the word about this great resource to people you know who may want to rent to travelers! I have even recommended this site to my Airbnb hosts who have enjoyed having longer stays.

Special Guest Blog by: Kaleigh Cole Travel PT

Kaleigh Cole is a traveling physical therapist and the founder of, where she has made it her mission to raise the bar for resources and mentorship opportunities available to new graduates deciding to embark on careers as traveling therapists.

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